Shri Ram College of Commerce alumnus launches organic food startup ‘Kristan Farms’

Ankit Kumar, an alumnus of Shri Ram College of Commerce, has launched an organic food and farming startup called Kristan Farms – offering organic cereals, dairy products and vegetables.The products are in-house grown at their farms based in District Jhajjar, Haryana.

The first product that they have introduced is organic black wheat flour – a new variant of wheat invented after seven years of research by National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute, Mohali.

Black Wheat is a bio-fortified and non-genetically modified variant of wheat which has 140 parts-per-million anthocyanin (against 5ppm anthocyanin in regular white wheat), 60% more iron content and 35% more zinc content. It offers greater amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, folic acid, selenium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, calcium, iron, copper, potassium, fibre and amino acids – making it a healthier and more nutritious alternative to regular white wheat.

With increased nutritional content comes greater health benefits. Hence, this new variant of wheat is the best available staple diet for people struggling to prevent or suffering from health ailments like anxiety, blood pressure, cancer, cardiac arrest, constipation, diabetes, obesity, among others.

“Organic agriculture is the future” says Ankit Kumar – Founder, Kristan Farms. “We’re sending out free samples of our organic black wheat flour till 30th June to people connecting with us telephonically. It’s an introductory offer so that people can experience the difference and benefits that our product offers, without spending a penny. In today’s times, we need nutritious alternatives to existing food products in order to tackle nutrition deficit faced by the country at large.”

Ankit Kumar – Shri Ram College of Commerce (B.Com Hons – Class of 2019)

“Our dairy unit will be functional in a month. So you can expect our organic range of dairy products – ghee, milk, curd and cottage cheese; to get launched by the end of July 2021” says Ankit.

To stay updated with their upcoming products, connect with Kristan Farms on Facebook and Instagram