The Finance and Investment Cell, St. Stephen’s College is organizing an exclusive webinar titled “An Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions” with Ms. Neha Gupta (Director, Mergers and Acquisitions, Deloitte) under its case study event- DreaMerger. The webinar is open to everyone who has registered for DM and wishes to learn from an industry expert. The webinar will be held on 24th September (Thursday) from 3pm onwards.

This webinar is not only for those who are interested in the field of finance but also for anyone who is looking to seek knowledge on often intriguing yet unfamiliar topics like “Mergers & Acquisitions”. In this webinar, you will be introduced to a number of key concepts and will get an insight into the deals which are often read about but never understood due to the technical jargon that surrounds them. The webinar is open to all and no prior financial knowledge is required for attending the same. We can assure you that this webinar will be an interactive and engaging one, and will give you a productive break from the monotony of online classes.

Do register for DreaMerger and join us for the same.

Link :https://tinyurl.com/dreamerger20

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