Time for a little game! Did you guess the logo?

*Curieux* – The Computer Science Society of SGTB Khalsa College unveils *Logo Mania* a competition filled with logos and fun, that is being held as a subset of our Annual Tech Fest *PHOENIX ’20*. Logo Mania is an opportunity to dare your being and proficiency.


Rules :-

Participants will be provided with the name of a company/organisation and they will have to select the correct logo of the company out of the given 4 options. There will be 20 questions in total. Difficulty level will keep on increasing with every question. Questions will be of 10 points each.

Team size of 1-2 allowed.

Team with maximum points will be declared winner.


Date: 27th Feb, 2020

Time: 11:00 A.M.


———————————– .

Registration Link-…/1IYty4Dxmzh2XdpM9L1REpA7…/edit



Go and mark your presence there before they close registra

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